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We have an interdisciplinary profile with competence in public health, behavioral medicine, rehabilitation medicine, nursing, geriatrics, molecular biology, physiology, sports science, sports medicine, psychology, statistics, system development and interaction design.

Anna Nordström


Passionate adjunct professor of public health, assistant professor of sports medicine and medically responsible senior physician on life medicine. Leading researcher in a number of studies in physical activity and health, including healthy aging, and initiators of most projects in the field.

Peter Nordström


Senior physician, professor of geriatrics and rank statistics.Like poking holes on myths and presenting evidence-based facts.


Sabine Björk

Researcher and 

Project Coordinator

Creative problem solver with curiosity as a driving force. Has a postgraduate degree in medical science with a focus on nursing. Research focuses on the elderly, e-health and how lifestyle and living conditions can affect health and well-being.  


Magnus Lindblom

Research Nurse

Research nurse specialized in technology and training.


Andreas Hult


Curious molecular biologist who is interested in how our lifestyle affects public health. Has a PhD in sports medicine where interests in research on diet and exercise were developed. Now works mainly with register studies and intervention studies in the field of healthy aging.


Jim Viklund

Research Nurse

Research nurse with a great interest in training and diet

Daniel Nilsson

Digital Development Manager

Knowledgeable engineer with knowledge in many areas and with a great interest in improving public health. Powered by solving everything that has not yet been solved and doing so with the help of AI or any other future innovations. 

David Lapveteläinen

Research Nurse

Research nurse who is aspired to encourage people to move more and takes care of their own health, regardless of background and medical history.

Markus Å. Larsson

System Developer

Full stack developer with experience in advanced database technology, distributed systems, and machine learning. App developer, and system architect for the PREMED platform. 

Niklas Sörlén

Research Administrator

Test Manager

Certified and trained in Good Clinical Practice at postgraduate lever with project manager competence in clinical trials.



Software Developer

Develops web apps and mobile apps. Works with machine learning for accelerometer-based activity recognition.

Jenny Crosby


Enthusiastic administrator and assistant nurse that quality ensures records and participant follow up contacts. 

Theresa Rambaran

Post Doc

Postdoctoral fellow with a doctorate in chemistry. Current research interest includes the use of Nordic berries to counter cardiometabatic diseases and promote healthy aging.

Marcel Ballin

Project Collaborator

Sports physiologist with a Master's degree in sports medicine and experience from research projects. Has a Great interest in research on physical activity and healthy aging. Powered by an eager search of knowledge with the vision of contributing to better public health and increase quality of life among the elderly people.



Partner for Strategy & Business Development

Postdoctoral fellow with a doctorate in chemistry. Current research interest includes the use of Nordic berries to counter cardiometabatic diseases and promote healthy aging.

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