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If you have an idea, drive development or research and want our expertise and resources, you can get in touch with us, no matter where in the innovation process you are. With commitment, innovation, and objective expertise, we build bridges between technology, research and people. This results in a multidimensional environment where creative ideas within preventive health and physical activity can be developed. 

A multi-dimensional environment for developing ideas in health and physical activity.

When you have an idea


When you want to develop your idea


When you want to evaluate your idea


When you want to realize your idea

  • Usability analysis / market research

  • Risk Analysis

  • Basic innovation and entrepreneurial advice


  • Functional tests

  • Body composition

  • Sampling activity

  • Measurement

  • Focus groups

  • Workshops

  • Interviews

  • Surveys

Read more about which tests and equipment we offer here. 

  • Product evaluation

  • Product validation (mvp / finished product)

  • Market / consumer / environment analysis

  • Compliance / requirements analysis

  • IP Strategy

  • Advanced research

  • Skills development and advice within healthy living, healthy aging, health and digital concepts

  • Interdisciplinary supervision

  • Placement

  • Price trend

  • Health Test (Design / Data Collection / Analysis)

  • Digital treatment program

  • Lectures and seminars

  • Workshops


Pilot Study

When you have an idea

For those who are new to the market or who have a new idea that can revolutionize it, we are the obvious choice for innovations in physical activity and health.


We offer a unique development environment for those who understand the importance of working preventively against ill health.

In our feasibility study package, we offer basic innovation and entrepreneurial advice and guide you further in our network of innovation promoters. The package also includes usability analysis, market analysis, and risk analysis that you can be sure that your idea makes a difference in the market.

We will not let you down blindly with an idea we do not believe in. After our feasibility study, you can be sure that your idea really matters to those you want to reach.


Testing Environment

When you want to develop your idea

When you identified and examined your idea, together with us or on your own, and how it relates to the market's needs, we offer the opportunity to develop your idea in our unique testing environment.

Life medicine gives you access to our test environment where your idea is put together with the people you want to make a difference for. 

Read more about which tests and equipment we offer here

You will have the opportunity to perform tests in three different test environments: lab, simulated user environment and real user environment. 

The test package includes test subjects from the target group, evaluation, and compilation of the tests.



When you want to develop your idea

For us, it is important that ideas make a difference. For real. It is a prerequisite for Life Medicine, that all innovations that are developed are based on solid evidence and that health results can be verified with inviolable methods. This also offers a tremendous security for you as an idea bearer.  

With deep knowledge in physical activity and health, we can offer product evaluation and validation of your innovation. We also conduct marketing , consumer -and business intelligence so you can feel confident that your innovation meets the functional requirements that you promised your users.  

In addition, we help you to protect your innovation through a clear IP strategy and implement compliance / requirement analysis. After the validation phase, we will bring you together with one of our partners to help you take the innovation further into the market.



When you want to realize your idea

We have a strong connection to research and excellence in health, sports and preventive care. This means that we can focus on being the business expert, the one who adds knowledge and evidence to the innovation processes rather than leading them and running them.

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