Testbed Life Medicine

A test bed in collaboration with Vinnova, Sweden's innovation authority

From idea to innovation

We work to shorten the path from idea to innovation and is an open platform for creating new e-health services and products for export. We are simply a testbed and work with research as well as innovation and development work in connected health, ie. digital tools for increased health and well-being. In the testbed, ideas can be developed and tested on actual persons in an innovative environment that resembles reality. Tests and evaluation can provide direct connection between the user's behavior, test results and experience.

Digitization in support of self-care

We highlight good examples where digital technology has been implemented in healthcare and care and helps decision makers to discover the possibilities of digitization. We want to move the focus from organization to patient and increase the possibility of picking out parts of the care to the individual at home. Health services and products that we test and develop can be intended for everything from healthcare to private individuals who want to be responsible for their own health and well-being.

Innovation through collaboration

We are there to reduce the gap between clinical care, home care, academia and business, as well as linking activities, research and companies. Value is created by connecting the test environment and excellence to the process. Needs owners and Region Västerbotten participate in the process of analyzing, developing and validating new services and products. The process contributes to new solutions to important and prioritized challenges, such as increased quality, higher cost efficiency and growth.

Committment to Excellence

We integrate into a full-scale system with technology that is at the forefront and can offer excellent opportunities for visualization, education and behavioral communication. We serve as a platform for local, national and international companies within connected health to use for product testing of goods and services in a context of high mobile competence and facilities, as well as a proximity to a competent and cohesive healthcare region.

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