Program October 9

Region Västerbotten launches Sweden's first regional ECHAlliance ecosystem and invites to inspiration on how to build a strong ecosystem through an international network. The theme for the October 9 meeting is Dementia.

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9 oktober, 2019. 12.30 PM to 3.30 PM.

"Skiffersalen", Umeå University Hospital

Welcome Region Västerbotten

Nils Sandberg, EU-project office, Science and Innovation

RINALDO Gain muscle in the Northen Regionen

Anna Nordström, Professor in Public Health, Umeå University

ECH Alliance Ecosystem for connected health. Platform for international contacts, exports and collaboration
Andy Bleaden, Eco System Director at ECH Alliance 

Living with dementia, a problem when we digitize society?

Peter Nordström, Professor in Geriatrics, Umeå University, Scientific secretary in the Swedish Geriatric Society


Welfare technology for frail elderly - threat or opportunity??
Gösta Bucht, Professor emeritus in Geriatrics, Umeå University, specialist in healthcare, Swedish Association for Senior Citizens 

The health Laboratory, a newly started opportunity for collaboration
Paula Öquist, The foundation for Seniorhusen (housing for seniors), Umeå

How do we get welfare technology that actually works

Emil Forsberg, Business developer for digital transformation, Umeå municipality

Easy to say…. Difficult to do?
Andy Bleaden, Eco System Director at ECH Alliance 

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